HERON Gladiateur MMLXV Automatic Myiota 9039 $250 Dress Diver Style Watc...


HERON GLADIATEUR MMLXV more style than substance for sub $300? 

Introducing the HERON Gladiateur MMLXV in Acier Blue a new microbrand with a lot of style and an Automatic Miyota 9039. 

This no date 'Dive Style' (100m Water Resistance) entry into the microbrand space is offering a great package starting at $250 USD (Super Early Bird) going up to $475 USD at full retail on the supplied rubber strap. 

But how does this dive style watch stack up against the other affordable divers in the sub $300 microbrand price point? 

Check out the below video on the WatchChris YouTube channel for full hands-on details   

Here are some specs on the watch for final production 

HERON Gladiateur MMLXV Automatic Myiota 9039 $250 Dress Diver Style Watch Acier Blue


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